Peter’s Paragliding Nomadness - Organyà

Charlie and Nicholas point out the Organyà launch

April 16, 2007

I headed south to Spain. My first stop was Organyà. I didn't expect to find anyone here, but I couldn't just drive past this famous paragliding site without taking a look at conditions. The wind was a perfect 10 mph down the valley and onto the big ridge. I took some photos and decided to take a short siesta before continuing my drive.

Moments later a French van arrived with Charlie and Nicholas from Waggaschool in Dunes de Pyla. They were escaping the cold damp Atlantic weather with a trip to Organyà. Yes, as soon as they ate lunch they would drive to launch and I was welcome to join them. I took my siesta while they ate lunch.

After waiting for a menacing black cloud to pass by, we drove to launch and minutes later took off in the most perfect lift imaginable. Climbing quickly above the summit revealed the panorama of the snow-capped Pyrenees behind. The views were breathtaking. The flying was magnificent.

After an afternoon of wonderful flying, I descended to the LZ, where my home away from home awaited me. With a glass of Renee Barbier, Reserva, 1998, in hand I settled back in my folding chair and let the warmth of the late afternoon sun wash over me.

Charlie and Nicholas departed and I had the place to myself. The solar shower was warm and relaxing. A dinner of leftovers from the night before outside while watching the sun set and listening to Amélie Lefebvre completed the perfect day.

It was as perfect as I had imagined. A perfect day. A perfect flight. A perfect evening. My home on wheels parked in the LZ.

South to Cómpeta

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