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Ager, Spain

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Nomadness in South America 2013-14

Peter's nomadness has switched continents. As of March 2013, I am in South America and travelling around in search of adventure in the Andes. Follow my travels and opinions in South America: Nomadness in the Andes

April 2013. Colombia and Ecuador

May 2013. Chile, Argentina, Uruguay

The journey continues in a Dodge RAM Roadtrek Versatile. I miss the tiny size and the fuel economy of the Romahome, but the Roadtrek is a practical home for my South American wandering.

Nomadness in Europe

2007 - 2012

Map of the trip so far

50,000 miles and counting

My Romahome in Andorra

The dream of living life on the open road has been with me as long as I can remember. Growing up in the sixties, I watched with envy as hippies painted daisies on their psychedelic VW buses and drove off into the sunset in search of peace and freedom. At that time, I chose a different path.

Every morning is the beginning of the rest of your life. This morning, I have decided that I want to live this dream now, buy a very small camper, and drive off in search of the best paragliding sites in Europe.

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  • Paragliding has been the driving passion of my life for over a decade. The adrenalin rush of the flying is addictive, but even when conditions dictate staying on the ground, parawaiting as we call it, the nature of desirable launch sites is that they overlook incredible vistas of mountains and sky, and you find yourself in the company of enthusiastic pilots who share the joy and spirit of free flight.

    Paragliding Sites

    The entire trip has been a pilgrimage from one paragliding site to the next. Even when the weather was clearly not safe for flying, I found myself climbing narrow roads and hiking to the launch, just to see it and to look out at the views.

    With the coordinates of over 4,000 sites embedded in my GPS, I was always aware of which sites were within driving distance.

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    From Gibraltar to Estonia. From Turkey to the UK. Everywhere I went I took pictures. If you take enough pictures, one or two will turn out.

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