Nomadness in the Andes

Peter Jennings

Tips for Travellers in South America

Some links to useful information and fellow traveller's blogs with more practical information.

Cell Phone and 3G/4G Internet

An excellent wiki guide to the availability and cost of phone and internet organized by country is available on the APN Changer website.

In Colombia and Ecuador, I used Claro for phone service and data on the phone. As my phone also has both USB tethering and a built-in WiFi hotspot, it also provided a connection for my laptop when there was no WiFi around. USB tethering provides a secure worry free internet connection for banking.

The connection was fast enough, in most locations, to use the phone to make and receive calls over Skype using the data network.

Bus and Hostel Travel

The Intrepid Explorers Advice for backpackers travelling by bus and staying in hostels. Hostel reviews and suggestions.

Overlanders driving South America

Drive the Americas. A website and discussion forum for overlanders driving the Americas. Lots of good advice on here. If you are looking to buy a vehicle, check out their Vehicles for Sale/Wanted forum..

Life Remotely's List of Campgrounds, Hotels and Hostels From Seattle to Tierra del Fuego on the Pan American highway. Practical information on border crossings, working while travelling, cooking tips and much more. Start here. Also, their free ebook about overlanding: Don't Go There, It's Not Safe, You'll Die.

Travelin-Tortuga's Camping Log GPS coordinates of all the places Rick and Kathy Howe stayed on their trip through the Americas in their Tiger Motorhome.

From Alaska to Brazil Campsites used by a British couple with a big truck. Their interesting and informative blog.

Dare 2 Go's list of campsites in South America used by Yasha and Juergen on their 3 year trip from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.

Head West, Turn Left and Go. Dave and Christine drive Ginger from Halifax to Argentina. Then return to Canada to get married. The story of Ginger, before I took over.

Bip Bip Americas. Fanny and Chris decide to go for a tour from Fredericton to Ushuaïa in their 1996 4x4 Mitsibushi Delica Conversion. They share lots of practical information on their blog, including a full breakdown of the costs by country. If you are planning this trip, it is worth a read.

N.A.S.A. Journey. Jana and Petr, from the Czech Republic, are travelling from Canada to South America in their Volkswagen bus, Jurasek. We met in Baños, Ecuador.

Pas si Nicolas et Celine, with 3 small children and one dog, are driving a Ford E350 Coachmen Catalina Sport 240WB south. They need the space. We met in Baños, Ecuador.

Head South. Susie and Paul travel from the Arctic Circle to Patagonia in their $1700 1989 Isuzu Trooper. Our routes crossed in Colonia, Uruguay.

More Blogs and Sites

Overland Sphere A collection of blogs by Overlanders around the world.

Fellow Travelers An extensive list of links to blogs by other overlanders travelling in South America. Everything you wanted to know, and some things you didn't.

David's Moving Toes. David and Youngmi's adventures in South America and onward. I met David and Youngmi in Popayan, Colombia.

Ruta Jonuseviciute's Facebook Blog. Ruta and Asilėlio are backpacking and couchsurfing their way around South America. We met in Juive Chico, near Baños at Maria Piotrowski’s finca and soap making enterprise.

Wildlands Creative. Bethan John is a freelance journalist travelling in Latin America and documenting the work of the conservation organizations she encounters along the way. We met in Baños.

GPS POIs for Places to Stay

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